Poor Bishop Hooper 1


Poor Bishop Hooper is Jesse and Leah Roberts…


Both hailing from small towns in central Kansas, we began writing, recording, and performing together after our marriage in 2013. What began as a duo, weaving together a patchwork of melodies atop an upright bass and a guitar, has since blossomed into numerous, multi-faceted expressions of the technicolor story we call life. Though we still often perform classic covers and simple tunes in simple places, we’ve been blessed to develop a vibrant musical ministry - ranging from full band, heavy mood moments like that in The Golgotha Experience, to string and vocal laden scores like that in Firstborn. We’ve shared music and conversation with thousands around the country, in the largest of concert halls to the smallest of living rooms. Our hearts for the Creator and the endless, bountiful inspiration he provides are ever growing. In turn, our creative projects follow his lead. We’re thankful for all that we’ve been able to experience, and for all those who support our music and ministry!

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