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Support The Psalms Project

Thanks to the Lord’s providence, we are able to produce the music and other content that make up The Psalms Project at very little cost. All of the writing, recording, mixing, and mastering will be done by Poor Bishop Hooper, eliminating many of the common costs associated with creating and releasing music. This reality also allows us to pursue the project wholeheartedly, focused on the Lord and his will for the music and art, and do so sustainably over the scheduled three years.

That said, we truly appreciate and are deeply grateful for those that give to the project financially! Your gifts will allow us to continue writing and recording these songs, and sharing the music for free!

Along with your financial gift, please also consider joining us in prayer. We are excited for individuals and communities around the world to be blessed by this project, and know that it is by and through prayer that the fruit of this work can flourish.