Poor Bishop Hooper 1


What folks are saying…

...the most stunning musical experience reflecting on the Passion story I’ve ever seen or heard.
— Jon S. on 'The Golgotha Experience'
This feels so unique... Poor Bishop Hooper has captured the spirit of hope and anticipation, and you can feel it in the music.
— Bret J. on 'Firstborn'
Absolutely breathtaking. I had goosebumps from the moment Leah sang her first note, then came the tears.
— Joni M. on 'The Golgotha Experience'
Once again, Jesse and Leah have taken ancient themes thousands of years old and brought them to life with new freshness.
— Matthew P. on 'Firstborn'
To say I am blown away would be an understatement. From the music, to the lyrics... The Roberts have crafted something that will be relevant for years to come.
— Lindsey P. on 'The Golgotha Experience'
I’m eternally grateful for how the Spirit spoke (and still speaks) through the Golgotha Experience to reach a part of my hardened heart, turning it towards the softening effect of God’s love spread wide on the Cross.
— Alex G. on 'The Golgotha Experience'