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Firstborn is a collection of art for Advent.

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So go and tell the girl I show you / she’ll have dirt beneath her nails...
— from 'Peace (Mary)'

For centuries the church has been celebrating Advent both with thankfulness for the coming of Christ as a child, and anticipation for His return. As the Christmas season is repeatedly handed over to busyness, cultural tradition, and nostalgia, Firstborn seeks to tell the mysterious and bizarre story of Jesus’ incarnation with the captivating beauty it deserves. A collection of music, illustration, video, and writing, Firstborn uses the familiar tradition of Advent’s weekly themes as its guide - hope, peace, joy, and love. It focuses not only on a specific few moments around Jesus’ birth, but also on the wealthy prophetic narrative that precedes it, and the continuously unfolding story in which we find ourselves.

Watch, listen, and find out more at visit firstbornmusic.org.